of “The Axis of World History” by Yuri Okunev


1-st edition:     ISBN 978-1-4363-2166-2 (2165-5), Library of Congress Number 2008903170, Xlibris Corporation, Philadelphia, USA, 590 p.

2-nd edition:    ISBN 978-1-4389-4501-9 (4502-6), Library of Congress Number 2009902493,  AuthorHouse, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, 596 p.


Recently, an outstanding book by Yuri Okunev – “The Axis of the World History” – has been published. The publication of this book is undoubtedly a remarkable event in the history of world culture. Okunev is a scientist of international stature in the area of communications technologies, author of scientific articles, monographs and manuals. With the publication of the “Axis”, he definitely has placed his name among the leading socio-political and spiritual thinkers of our time.

The book is multifaceted. The author has manifested civic courage, brilliant talent and penetrating wisdom in his profound, original analysis of the central problems of the oldest nation. In a one Volume, Okunev answered the core questions asked by the generations of the Jews and the non-Jews. Furthermore, based on the tragic lessons of 4000-year Jewish history, this author had analyzed and brought clarity to the burning current problems of mankind. The author gives the profoundly substantiated answers to the questions under consideration. He guides the reader through the intricacies of every problem. His analysis of various controversial views and approaches is exhaustive and objective. This way of presentation involves the reader, renders the reader a vivid participant of the discussion. He convincingly demonstrates the insolvency of various solidly established myths – independently of whether their origin and their agenda is overt, or hidden. Eventually, he gives his evaluation and leads the reader to a logical objective conclusion.

The book consists of 4 Chapters, each presenting a detailed, profound analysis of a certain basic problem. Okunev starts with the following direct tantalizing questions –

“Why the Jews are being persecuted always and everywhere?”

“Why, still, this tiny nation persists in its existence in spite on perpetual victimization, whereas its persecutors and abusers have melted in the fog of history one after another?”

 As a result of a consummate analysis, he gives the answers.

The Second Chapter answers the question – “What is Zionism?”

Currently, Zionism is the mayor target of governments and of the non-governmental organizations, of the university campuses and of the “ordinary people” in the streets. Everybody is against it. But nobody actually has a clear understanding of what it is. The answer given in the “Axis” is simple – “Zionism is a national liberation movement of Jewish people”. Every nation is supposed to be allowed to advocate and defend its national entity. This right is among the cornerstones the UN Charter. However, a sole exception is being insisted upon by all these united nations – that of the Jewish nation.

This Chapter is written like a gripping novel – Okunev proved himself a master of a brief epic story. Descriptions of the 6-days War, the battle for Jerusalem, and the War of Yom Kippur force the reader to forget everything, but the history of the people in the making.

A special Chapter is dedicated to the fait of the Jews in the USSR. Okunev describes facts, which are hardly known to most of the Soviet citizens, let alone the foreigners. The facts prove that Stalin made the “final solution of the Jewish problem” his idea fix. 

In the last Chapter, the author discusses the current state of a dwindling opposition of the world democracies against the forces of obscurantism. Okunev gives certain constructive recommendations…

The “Axis” undoubtedly should represent a great interest and importance for the worldwide audience. First of all, it is an absolutely necessary reading for the individuals whose cultural-spiritual background has a Biblical base – that is to all Jews and Christians. It also represents an enlightening reading for people of other faiths, as well as for the atheists. For those who are free from prejudice, it should provide a moral reassurance. As for the anti-Semites – it should present a tough challenge.

Professor Alexander Yabrov, MD, Ph.D., D. Sc.,

Princeton, NJ



Dear Mr. Okunev,

Nathalia Miller gave your book to my cousin in visit at their 

home and finally the book came to me. 

I would like to tell you that your book is really extraordinary  and it is with an immense courage that you wrote it. I already passed it to my colleagues at the University in Jerusalem where I live. Not only is it an extensive research of remarkable knowledge, but also a book of faith in our people and its achievements.

I also hope that your publisher has distributed it in Israel as well.

With great admiration

Dr. Nadine Shenkar,

professor of Jewish philosophy at The Bezalel Academy and the university