Photography  Akos Majo

Yuri Okunev - is a scientist in the field of communication technology - the most modern area of applied mathematics and physics. He is regarded as one of the pioneers of the Information Century, and his scientific school found a wide application throughout the world, including such countries as Russia, USA, Ukraine and Israel.

After receiving Ph.D. in Digital Communications from the St.Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, Russia, Okunev organized a scientific laboratory, which soon became a leading research center of a worldwide scale. In 1960-s the laboratory developed new methods of long-distance digital communications based on the OFDM technology, it pioneered in wireless technology and received a worldwide recognition for innovations in the field of phase-difference modulation techniques. In Russia, Okunev published 14 scientific monographs and manuals.

In 1993 Yuri Okunev moved to the United States and since then has been working in the American telecommunications industry. Working for leading research centers, such as Bell Labs of Lucent Technologies, General DataCom, PCTel, Symbol Technologies/Motorola, Innurvation, Inc., he participated in the development of advanced wireless systems and technologies. In the USA, Okunev received 30 patents for inventions and published scientific monograph «Phase and Phase-Difference Modulation in Digital Communications» (Artech Publishing, Boston-London).

In 2007 Dr. Okunev received a prestigious IEEE Charles Hirsch Award for «outstanding contribution to the phase modulation theory and wireless system design».

Dr. Okunev's creativity, however, reaches beyond his professional accomplishments. An outstanding philosopher-humanist, Okunev has authored deeply thoughtful books and essays of socio-philosophical nature. His books «Letters to Loved Ones from the XX Century» (Письма близким из ХХ века), «The Axis of World History» (Ось всемирной истории), and «The Incurable Leftist Disease in Modern Liberalism» (Старческая болезнь левизны в либерализме) are important contributions to treasury of the world socio-philosophical literature. Yuri Okunev has also published books in memoir and science fiction genres - «Missing Childhood» (Детство, которого не было), «The Lost War» (Проигранная война), as well as many socio-historical essays and papers...

In 2008 «The Axis of World History» by Yuri Okunev was recognized by USA Book News as an «Award-Winning Finalist in the World history category of the National Best Books 2008 Awards».