Dear friends!

Dear friends!

My website contains publications in both Russian and English.

Section “Books” contains information about the following books in English:

philosophy, which has been awarded by USA Book News as “The National Best Books 

Finalist” in the World History category;

  • The Lost War” – a novelette in the genre of anti-Utopia, which is now considered by 

Hollywood producers and screenwriters as the basis for a new movie.

symptoms and complications of the disorder from which one of the pillars of Western 

civilization – liberalism – now suffers.

In section “Essays” you can read full texts of the following essays in English:

  • The Road to Serfdom;
  •  Saga of the Risen from the Ashes;
  •  A photograph of a famous Rabbi from Lubavitch, birthplace of Chabad, has been found.

Please, spread the word to your friends about this website and its publications in English. 

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 Thank you!