Fight for the Moon

Dear Friends,

        A significant historical anniversary is approaching – July 20, 2019 will mark 50 years since the day when man first landed on the Moon.

I think that July 20, 1969 will be the most significant or perhaps the only date by which the twentieth century will be remembered by our distant descendants. 

          Nevertheless, the dramatic history of the fierce ideological and technological battle between the USA and the USSR over the Moon is little known to our contemporaries and even to eyewitnesses. Moreover, the root cause of the failure of the Soviet project to land man on the Moon is known to a very narrow circle of cosmonautics specialists and historians. Therefore, I decided to write the attached essay “Fight for the Moon”, which, along with the history of the lunar confrontation between the two superpowers, reveals the true reasons behind the failure of the Soviet project, which allowed America to win the fight. 

          I hope that my essay, which sheds a new light on this defining moment in human history, will be of interest to a fairly wide circle of readers and I would like to explore opportunities to publish it in a popular American publication. If you have any connections in the American publishing industry or experience working with American magazine publishers, I would truly appreciate your advice and help with introducing this work to the American audience.

Thank you for your attention,

Dr. Yuri Okunev